Monday, July 9, 2012

Wanna Feel A Little Froggy

      So now that summer is in full swing, letting oneself go can be a real easy thing to do. Parties happen, things come up, and losing track of a PT schedule is a real threat. In fact I am somewhat guilty of it myself.
      To keep the tactical edge, however, training must be an integral part of anyone's time away from the office, classroom, or "duty station." Now, since many will spend time near a body of water for the hot months, beaches and lakes seem to be popular, it would be wise to draw inspiration from the Navy's own elite forces, the Navy SEAL's.
      Now as it would be a bit unreasonable to lug a whole gym with the beach chairs and towels, simply packing an A.L.I.C.E pack and a couple of ammo cans or milk jugs can be just the solution needed to maintain tip of the spear physical capabilities. As a simple tip for some exercise ideas, the ruck and the cans double as weights. As there is plenty of sand and dirt surrounding many shorelines, filling the cans and the rucks with sand will add some good weight to increase endurance and strength. As an added bonus, the ammo cans can be fixed to the ends of a rod, branch, or pole to make a nifty barbell. But these are just the beginning. Running in the sand and the classics such as flutter kicks and squat thrusts cannot be neglected.
      As a great way to implement the ruck and can weights, a sample routine would be pyramids with flutter kicks then some weights and a good swim or run.

Stay strong and enjoy the summer.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Not a bad deal...

For anyone who has ever wanted to light up their opponents with paint filled projectiles but has either 1: not had the marker to do it or 2: has not had the capability with their old marker or 3: has wanted to increase their firepower with another paintball gun then take a look at this...
(Not the actual marker for sale... photos of it coming soon.)
The gun is up for grabs for $140 U.S. (not including s+h).
Marker- Spyder VS2 with feed eye technology
C02 and/or 02 Tank- Ninja 3000 psi
Hopper- Standard 200 rd. Viewloader
There will be a video review and photos of the actual marker for grabs very soon.
Post a comment or send a message if you are interested.


Okay, as the season is starting to change into winter, things are obviously getting colder and therefore I thought it would be good to start off the season by introducing some cool hoodies to you guys. As I was looking around I was able to find some milsim paintball graphic hooded sweatshirts. They are from and so the prices are decent. As I have never bought from this seller, I cannot comment on the quality. The hoodies are minimalist in design and are printed, but that doesn't mean they won't catch peoples eyes. A couple of my favorites are...
and... [Links to the page with the sweatshirts are below]

Friday, July 15, 2011

Good MilSim Site

This is a decent website where the mislim enthusiast can find a variety of popular and fairly priced products.

Another Great Piece of Equipment

Ever wonder if you could switch out your barrel instantaneously in a paintball match? Well, the guys down at MBAD have, and therefore have created the MBAD barrel system. Basically they have made a rotatable piece that houses two barrels, whether it be a flatline or a curve inducing barrel etc. When in a game, the system allows players to rapidly switch out barrels whatever the reason may be, a burst paintball in the barrel or wanting to curve rounds down range, and do so with little to no hassle. The system is compatible with many markers and the cost varies, so I can't give you guys a simple answer on that.

Here's the link to the MBAD site:

Unleash the Beast

Okay, so this top gear pick is from a few weeks ago. The piece of gear in mind is the Air Ordance SMG 22 automatic pellet gun. This thing is truly a monster. If you'd like to see this beast in action, just click on this link: It will shoot 12 rounds a second and is fed by a 100 round belt that fits into an ammo drum. When locked and loaded, the SMG looks like a tommy gun mixed with a Tippmann 98; so in short, it looks pretty intimidating.

To check out the exact specs and details click on the link below, it will take you to the Air Ordance SMG 22 page:

Some Way Over Do Posts, Get READY!

Hey guys, here are some way over do posts for top gear picks and what not. So get READY!