Monday, July 9, 2012

Wanna Feel A Little Froggy

      So now that summer is in full swing, letting oneself go can be a real easy thing to do. Parties happen, things come up, and losing track of a PT schedule is a real threat. In fact I am somewhat guilty of it myself.
      To keep the tactical edge, however, training must be an integral part of anyone's time away from the office, classroom, or "duty station." Now, since many will spend time near a body of water for the hot months, beaches and lakes seem to be popular, it would be wise to draw inspiration from the Navy's own elite forces, the Navy SEAL's.
      Now as it would be a bit unreasonable to lug a whole gym with the beach chairs and towels, simply packing an A.L.I.C.E pack and a couple of ammo cans or milk jugs can be just the solution needed to maintain tip of the spear physical capabilities. As a simple tip for some exercise ideas, the ruck and the cans double as weights. As there is plenty of sand and dirt surrounding many shorelines, filling the cans and the rucks with sand will add some good weight to increase endurance and strength. As an added bonus, the ammo cans can be fixed to the ends of a rod, branch, or pole to make a nifty barbell. But these are just the beginning. Running in the sand and the classics such as flutter kicks and squat thrusts cannot be neglected.
      As a great way to implement the ruck and can weights, a sample routine would be pyramids with flutter kicks then some weights and a good swim or run.

Stay strong and enjoy the summer.

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